Discovery Set Gold Facets


Gives you the opportunity to discover N.C.P.´s Gold Facets fragrances features 4 x 1 ml perfume.
N.C.P. Gold finds its heart in the Orient. Paying homage to the ancient and rare OUD WOOD, our gold collection offers mystery, complexity and smooth luxury to any perfume collection. Perfectly balanced to stand alone or to layer and as always uniquely unisex

The set includes a 1 ml perfume of each scent:
Olfactive facet 704: Incense & musk
Olfactive facet 705: Leather & oud 
Olfactive facet 706: Saffron & oud
Olfactive facet 707: Patchouli & oud

When you buy this set you will get a voucher for the same amount as purchased to use when you later buy your favorite 50 ml perfume. The voucher will be sent to your email.

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