Unisex layering perfumes & skincare

Unisex layering perfumes & skin care

Its very simple really. People are complex. Even on a daily basis we can have a number of different moods, different situations, even different locations. By using knowledge and science, by keeping our ingredient lists short we set about creating the ultimate layering concept, making it understandable and empowering. All our products are proudly unisex, vegan. Decide products that are unique to you, find out your individual combination to create your own fragrances favorite from:

or create your personal skincare routine with:

Mix and match all our fragrances by layering one or more perfumes to follow however you feel, wherever you are. Simply change the mood of your favorite signature scent or create completely new expressions to keep the people around guessing. All our eau de parfums are unique signature scents. They are created using all olfactive groups to cover the whole spectrum of scents: Citrus, Fruity, Floral, Fougere, Chypre, Woody and Oriental.

Regardless of skin type and age our skin is affected by our lifestyle and environment. Our skin often has different needs from day to day and from one period to another. With N.C.P. Essentials you can combine and customize your skincare routine for your skin unique needs.


Get inspired with our custom-made skincare kit or with our Discovery set.
The perfect gift to yourself or to give away to someone you like.

With our Discovery set you get the opportunity to try our fragrances and get a voucher for the same amount as purchased to buy your favorite scent in a 50 ml bottle.


Swedish Beauty Awards

Winner of men´s fragrance in the Swedish Beauty Awards 2020

Swedish Beauty Awards

Finalist as “gentlemans product of the year” in the Swedish Beauty Awards 2021

Daisy Beauty Award

Finalist for women’s fragrance 2021.

Beauty Oscar

Winner as Best Peeling of the Year 2020 – “Delivers magic in a tube”