About Olfactives

All of our eau de parfum’s are unique, stand alone signature scents which blend smoothly in any combination to follow however you feel, where ever you are.

Created using much fewer ingredients in order to create the best conditions for all fragrances to be layered whilst care is taken to maintain complexity and depth to each individual fragrance. They are selected from all olfactive groups to cover the whole spectrum of scents.

What are olfactive families?

The adjective “olfactive” comes from the root word “olfactory”, which simply relates to the sense of smell. Considering perfumes ability to mimic or even create a particular scent, this word became strongly associated with perfumery. To help us understand perfume and facilitate functioning within this capturing field, scents have been classified into several families, which function as a guide to deciphering a perfume composition.

How to classify olfactive families?

With a plethora of about 1500 raw materials, perfumery might seem a dense environment to navigate but if you know the categories of olfactive families, you will feel at ease when discussing various perfumes from around the world or when composing your own scent!

The key thing to know is that the various fragrance families fall into simple categories of feminine, masculine or neutral scents. After that, scents are grouped into seven olfactive families based on their origin.